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Posted by carsandtrucks on Monday, December 03 @ 09:01:32 EST

In my business I receive lots of phone calls from people stating their vehicle will not start and do I have any tips that will get the car started. There are several things that will keep your vehicle from starting but knowing what to look for may save you a road call or at least keep you from being taken advantage of by some unscrupulous mechanic. First of all you have to determine if the engine is turning over. By this I mean is there the sound of the engine attempting to start. If not and all you hear is a rapid clicking noise the likely cause is

a dead battery. A quick test for the state of a battery charge is to turn the ignition key to the on position, and turn on the wipers. If the wipers move real slow or not at all the battery needs to be charged. A jump start will get the vehicle started. If you allow it to run a couple of hours the battery will recharge if it is a good battery. A battery 4 or more years old will need to be replaced. Also check the battery cable and connections. If they are loose or corroded they will contribute to the no start. Another cause of a no start is lack of fuel to the engine. In this case the engine will crank over and sound as if it wants to start. A quick test is to turn off all accessories, turn the key to on and listen for a low volume humming noise. This noise is the fuel pump. If there is no noise it is likely the engine is not getting fuel. A blown fuse, faulty relay, or bad fuel pump may be the cause. If the vehicle will not start in wet weather it is likely the ignition is at fault. Once again, the engine will crank over and attempt to start. To start and engine with wet ignition you need to get the spark plug wires dried out. With the key off use a rag to wipe the wires going to the spark plugs. A hair dryer on low temp also will work well. Once you have the vehicle started you will need to replace the spark plug wires or you will be faced with the same problem at the next sign of wet weather. These are just a sample of the most common no start issues. Hopefully, they will give you a little insight that will help you if you are faced with a no start concern. If you find yourself calling a repair shop for assistance with a no start the more detailed you can describe what is happening the more likely they can point you in the right direction.

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