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Welcome to Car & Truck Tips! Browse our site and you will find quality information about sales and service related to cars, trucks, vans, suvs, and all other new and used vehicles. Our car and truck tips are brought to you by people who have spent their entire careers in the automotive industry selling, buying and servicing cars at the dealership level. Our primary goal is to provide you, the consumer, with quality and sound advisement concerning your car and truck buying, selling and servicing. Whether it is a routine tune up or buying a used car or truck online, the advice and tips on this website will help you to make wise and informed decisions and feel confident negotiating a deal on and offline with car dealers and negotiating service contracts with dealer service departments or your local mechanic.

Service Fix Bumper: How To Repair Car Bumpers
Visitors to this site are often looking for tips on how to repair damage to the bumpers of their automobiles. What they are actually asking is if the plastic material that covers the structural bumper can be repaired. Bumper repairs to today's polyurethane bumper covers are possible but somewhat limited. For the do it yourselfer, you are limited to removing damage where the bumper has been dented. The plastic used in these bumper covers has a memory. So in some cases you can

Service Fix Battery: How To Fix Car Battery Problems
You turn the key and the only response from under the hood, is a rapid clicking noise. After connecting jumper cables from a Good Samaritan's battery to yours, you turn the key and your vehicle responds by coming to life. It sounds like you have a bad battery. To determine if the battery is bad, you will need a voltmeter. To test the battery, you need the engine to be shut off. If the engine has recently been running then I suggest that you turn the headlights on for about 30 seconds. This will

Sales GPS Navigation Systems: Choosing The Best GPS Tom Tom, Garmin, Magellan
The Global Position System is a navigational system set in place by the U.S. Department of Defense. The GPS system works off of 24 strategically orbiting satellites. The initial intent of the GPS was for defense purposes, but in the 1980s the system was made available for civilian use. The GPS works 24/7 and is free to all users. So what does this mean for your car or truck? It means you never have to look at a map again. It means you never have to admit to your wife that you are lost. All you need to do

Service Road Trips: Safety Tips For Family Travel
I just wrote some tips for those that like to get off the beaten path and visit the remote country side via logging roads. It occurred to me that some tips for those that stay on pavement could be helpful as well. As I have said in so many of my tips, preparation is key when it comes to your car or truck. Before leaving for a road trip, take the time to check the fluid levels of all the lubricated components of your vehicle. This means more then checking the engine oil. Be sure the transmission fluid is full, the power steering, differential, and cooling system fluid levels are at capacity. Does your car or truck have

Service Frozen Door Locks: Unlocking Your Frozen Car
Frozen door locks are very common to those of us that have to park outside in weather that is consistently below the freezing mark. The service department where I work received a few calls this morning as temperatures in the area were in the single numbers. The customers were asking for assistance in dealing with the locked car doors that they could not turn the key in. The method that seems to be most effective is

Service Windshield Wipers: Blade Streaking & Winter Wiper Blades
There is nothing more disturbing to me when driving in the snow or rain than windshield wipers that will not clear my windshield. When the wipers are new they are free of dirt, chips, and cracks so they seal tightly against the windshield. As the wipers move back and forth they squeege away the water. As wipers wear out, the seal against the windshield decreases causing the wipers to streak. Even if the rain or snow has stopped, the water being thrown at you from the car or truck you are following will leave you without any visibility if your wipers are worn out. There are different

Service Performance Mufflers: Improve Fuel Economy & Engine Performance
There are two reasons to replace the muffler on your vehicle. The first reason is because the current muffler is leaking exhaust, the second reason is for performance. What are performance mufflers? Basiclly performance mufflers use larger exhaust pipes and lower restriction in the muffler itself. By lessening the restriction of exhaust you increase horsepower anywhere from 5-20%. This means your engine works a little more efficently and fuel economy increases. When buying performance exhaust systems look for quality materials. There are several performance exhaust systems that offer lifetime warranties. This is an indication that the material used is of high quality. Of course there is always a price difference between quality and bargin brand, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Another benefit to performance mufflers is

Service Oil Change Tips: Better Safe Than Sorry! Choose The Right Oil!
In the old day everyone recommended oil changes every 3000 miles. That recommendation was built around the technology and quality of the oil and the engines of that era. As with most everything else, technology has improved products. With todays products I think 5000 miles between oil changes is a safe bet. The oil change chain stores still promote the 3000 mile interval. Then when your business is oil changes why wouldn't you? The right engine oil for your vehicle will improve fuel economy, reduce the likely hood of engine failure, and improves emission control systems. Your service shop or your owners manual will tell you what oil viscocity is recommended for your vehicle. Choosing a lower priced, lower quality oil may not provide the protection your engine needs. If your vehicle is still in factory warranty you risk voiding the warranty by not following the manufacturers recommendations. Oil changes are a service the do it yourselfer can handle without technical training. If you do change your own oil make sure you

Sales Used Car Buying: How To Spot A Lemon
If you are shopping online look at the photo of the vehicle. If it is July and the photo background has snow in it you know that car has been sitting on the lot for a long time. This is a car to stay away from. When looking at a vehicle on a used car lot ask for the prior owners name. Contact that person and ask why they traded the vehicle. Ask the selling dealer if they have any service history for the vehicle, and what type of work was performed to make the vehicle ready for retail. The newer the vehicle the more concerned I am about the potential of a lemon. I always wonder why someone traded a late model low mileage vehicle. Whatever made them dissatisfied with the vehicle is likely to make you dissatisfied. Stay

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