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Welcome to Car & Truck Tips! Browse our site and you will find quality information about sales and service related to cars, trucks, vans, suvs, and all other new and used vehicles. Our car and truck tips are brought to you by people who have spent their entire careers in the automotive industry selling, buying and servicing cars at the dealership level. Our primary goal is to provide you, the consumer, with quality and sound advisement concerning your car and truck buying, selling and servicing. Whether it is a routine tune up or buying a used car or truck online, the advice and tips on this website will help you to make wise and informed decisions and feel confident negotiating a deal on and offline with car dealers and negotiating service contracts with dealer service departments or your local mechanic.

Service Tips For Women: How To Win The Auto Repair Game
Today's woman is much more independent and product savvy than woman of bygone days. In the automobile industry women make up nearly 50% of the service business that goes on every day. It is important that as a woman you feel comfortable with the servicing and repairing of your ever necessary transportation. To feel comfortable in the auto service process, you should learn the basic workings of your automobile and an understanding of the repair and maintenance process. This will not only give you a sense of comfort and security when interacting with your chosen repair person, but can also give you the ability to recognize when a repair or maintenance service is necessary. Take the time to

Sales Honest Dealerships: It Ain't Easy Being Sleazy
The task of going out and purchasing a car or truck can cause anxiety to many a vehicle buyer. Next to your house, the purchase of transportation is the largest purchase you will ever make. Many a vehicle owner has an emotional connection to their vehicle, even naming them names like Old Betsy or Woolybugger. This emotional connection just increases the anxiety when it is time to shop. It does not have to be that way. The reality is there are more honest new and used car dealers then sleazy ones. In fact it is

Service Remote Travel Safety: What You Need To Go Remote
A friend asked me for some advice on what equipment he should have should he decide to seek out some of Maine’s more remote trout streams and ponds. My first question was how remote are you talking about? His fishing expeditions generally take him onto unpaved logging roads that he may travel for many miles. In years past, before the logging operations made easy access these roads were nothing short of paths through the forest. In those times if you did not have a 4x4 vehicle you were not getting there. Today’s remote fishing spots are often accessible by

Service Replacing Fuel Filter: How To Change Your Vehicle Fuel Filter
The fuel filter is another maintenance item that is commonly neglected. By neglecting the replacement of the fuel filter, you risk damaging fuel injectors, fuel pumps, and other intricate components of the fuel system. The tiniest particle of dirt can cause damage to a fuel injector. The manufacturers protect the injectors against damage by installing a filter in line between the fuel source and the injectors. This filter should be replaced one a year or every 20000 miles on average. Today’s filters are encased in plastic or metal and are

Service Lemon Law: Information & Tips On Vehicle Lemon Laws
The "lemon law" was introduced to give consumers a refund or a replacement should they buy a new vehicle that has chronic mechanical failures that affect the safety or value of the vehicle. The laws vary from state to state, in terms of what qualifies as a "lemon" but all the state laws are similar in the sense that they protect the consumer. Each state has different qualifiers for what is covered by the law. For example, in my home state to qualify for coverage under the law your vehicle must be less then 18 months old, have less then 18000 miles, have experienced the same problem more then 3 times, and the defect(s) must be safety related, or value decreasing to be considered relevant. If you are going to be successful in receiving relief under the lemon law you must

Sales Car Buying Scams: When To Walk Away From The Deal
Believe it or not, every car dealer is not out to scam you. There are the ones that have unscrupulous business practices and will take advantage of you anywhere they can. How do you know when you are being scammed and when you are getting a legitimate deal? Educate yourself and believe that if it sounds to good too be true it probably is. When you see a dealer advertising repo sales, liquidation sales, bankruptcy sales etc, wait until the sale ends before you visit these dealers. Likewise avoid the dealership that mails you a flyer with a timeline that you must meet to get "this one time offer. This type of sale is designed to prey on the psychological mind set that if you don't act now you are going to miss out. In fact the opposite

Service Check Engine Light: Oh No! What Should I Do?
You are traveling late at night when the amber "check engine" light suddenly comes on. What do you do? Find the nearest motel and look for a repair shop in the morning or keep heading for your destination? It depends on what your vehicle is telling you. All modern vehicles are equipped with on board computors. These computers manage the engine and transmisson for proper performance and ensure low emissons are omitting from the tailpipe. The computer is constantly monitoring sensors that measure engine temperature, vehicle speed, exhaust emissons,fuel vapors and much more. If during the monitoring a sensor input comes up missing or out of specifacation the check engine light will come on. In most cases if the drivetrain (engine or transmisson) performance has not changed it is safe to continue driving. If there is a noticable change in performance or if the light is blinking a more immediate response is necessary. A repair shop will connect a diagnostic scan tool to a data communication link under the dash board. This tool will provide the repair technician with a fault code. The fault code will point the repair technician in the

Service Cooling Systems: Don't Lose Your Cool!
The number one cause of vehicle failure on the highway is cooling system failure. Overheating is caused by either restricted air flow through the radiator or a lack of circulation of coolant through the system. Automobile engines without proper cooling generate enough heat to destroy themselves. Even running a few miles with an overheating engine is risking doing damage that will cost in the thousands to repair. The best way to prevent over heating from occuring is by maintaining your cooling system. The average mileage recommendation for replacing coolant/antifreeze is 30000-40000 miles. There are coolants that require less service. Old antifreeze will corrode the radiatior, water pump and other vital engine components. The corriosn will cause blockage of the cooling system leading to over heating. The hoses that transfere the coolant through the system need to be inspected on a regular basis. Heat, vibration, cold, and age will deterioate the rubber hoses. If hoses are cracked or show signs of wear have them replaced. I recommend you replace any hose that is over 3 years old. The drive belt that turns the waterpump that circulates your

Service Auto Repair: Fix It Yourself With Repair Manuals
Often the most important tool in performing repairs to your vehicle is the repair manual you use to gather diagnostic and repair procedures. There are several tried and true repair manuals that are published in book form. Chilton and Mitchell are probably the best known. But for more timely information use the web. One of my favorites is All Data DYI. This is a web based information provider that many repair shops and dealerships subscribe to. They can provide the do it yourselfer with updated technical service bulletins, recall information, as well as repair and diagnostic information. There is a fee associated with the service but the timeliness and detail of the information is worth the small fee. Also, with recall information being available you may find the repair you are planning on doing yourself would be performed at no charge. Another thing I like about on-line repair manuals is some offer

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