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Welcome to Car & Truck Tips! Browse our site and you will find quality information about sales and service related to cars, trucks, vans, suvs, and all other new and used vehicles. Our car and truck tips are brought to you by people who have spent their entire careers in the automotive industry selling, buying and servicing cars at the dealership level. Our primary goal is to provide you, the consumer, with quality and sound advisement concerning your car and truck buying, selling and servicing. Whether it is a routine tune up or buying a used car or truck online, the advice and tips on this website will help you to make wise and informed decisions and feel confident negotiating a deal on and offline with car dealers and negotiating service contracts with dealer service departments or your local mechanic.

Service Replacing Fuel Filter: How To Change Your Vehicle Fuel Filter
The fuel filter is another maintenance item that is commonly neglected. By neglecting the replacement of the fuel filter, you risk damaging fuel injectors, fuel pumps, and other intricate components of the fuel system. The tiniest particle of dirt can cause damage to a fuel injector. The manufacturers protect the injectors against damage by installing a filter in line between the fuel source and the injectors. This filter should be replaced one a year or every 20000 miles on average. Today’s filters are encased in plastic or metal and are

Service Timing Belts: The Toothed Link In Your Engine
The Timing Belt is the toothed link between the engines crankshaft and the engines camshaft. These two components must be synchronized if your engine is to work properly. Because timing belts are not easily inspectable, manufacturers recommend replacement at intervals that range from 60000 mile to 105000 miles. By replacing the timing belt at the recommended interval, you lower the risk that the belt may break rendering your engine inoperable. Some engines are referred to as interference engines. If a timing belt breaks

Service Automatic Transmission Service: Common Problems & Maintenance Tips
Repairs to an automatic transmission are never cheap. The complexity of the workings of an automatic transmission requires that only a trained professional perform any internal transmission repairs. The most common cause of automatic transmission failure is overheating the transmission. Overheating of the transmission will occur if the vehicle is stuck in mud or snow, is used in towing, racing the vehicle or when the vehicle is subjected to lots of start and stop driving. To help prevent expensive repairs you should inspect the level and condition of the transmission fluid on a regular basis. Most vehicles are equipped with

Service Engine Making Noises: Serious Or Not?
Automobiles, like infants, they can't talk but they sure can tell you when something is wrong. If you don't feed the baby, the screams you hear are telling you that he or she is hungry. If you don't put oil in the engine of your vehicle, the noises you hear will be telling you something is terribly wrong. The tough part comes in deciding which noises need immediate attention and which can be ignored for a short time. Unlike babies, your car is equipped with warning lights. If you hear an unusual noise that is coupled with a warning light come on, stop

Sales Trade In Tips: How To Negotiate The Value Of Your Used Car
Whether you are buying a new car or used car it is likely you have a vehicle to trade in. The trade is yet, another step in the negotiating process that you need to prepare for. The first tip I can give you regarding your trade is don't show up at the dealership with 6 months worth of trash on the floor and mud caked in the wheel wells. Take some time to spruce it up before asking for a trade value (see Car Detailing Tips). You would never try to sell your house when it is in desperate need of repair, the same holds true with your trade in. Next step, do some research on the market value of your trade. Look at what dealers are asking for similar vehicles in the ads for used cars, check out trade value publications like edmunds and kelley blue book, and search the classified of your local newspaper to see what private sellers are asking. We all tend to

Sales Car Buying Tips: When's The Best Time To Buy A Car
When is the best time to buy a car? Honestly, there is only one time to buy a car. When you need one! Yes, there are seasons when the dealers make attractive deals and the manufacturers roll out the rebates but there really isn't a best time. A couple of decades ago fall was when the new model year arrived. Dealers were overstocked with left overs and were offering huge discounts. Today the new models can be introduced anytime from spring to fall. That said most new model years are still arriving between September and November. If you have a particular vehicle in mind ask the salesperson to show you a left over and ask what the savings will be. There are times when the manufacturer will assist the dealer in moving previous model year product with rebates to the dealer. These unadvertised rebates will not be offered up, so be sure to ask. Something to consider when buying

Service Brakes & Brake Repair Tips: Pay A Little Attention Now Or A Lot Later
I guess telling you that the brake system on your vehicle is important to your safety would be stating the obvious. What surprises me is how many vehicles I see in the course of my business that are in need of brake repair. You should have your brakes inspected twice per year to make certain you are not playing russian roullette with your ability to stop and maintain control of your vehicle when you need to. Your brake system is made up of several components. There are hydraulic components, friction material, steel lines, and rubber hoses. With diligent and timely inspections you can avoid catastrophic brake failures. The most expensive brake repairs are generally caused by the vehicle owner neglecting the warning signs of impending brake problems. Brake pedal fade, grinding noises heard when applying brakes are just a couple of

Service Car Mechanics: Tips To Avoid Being Scammed
In some places the term "car mechanic" is alike to the term "tort lawyer" These are the guys looking to take advantage of everybody at every opportunity. With nearly 2 decades in the automobile service business I must admit I have seen and heard about some pretty underhanded repair processes. How do you avoid being scammed. If you are at dealership ask them to show you their overall customer satisfaction index scores. All manufacturers measure a dealerships CSI. If you are at a national chain repair facility they too will have customer satisfaction scores available for you to see. Independent repair shops are another matter. The best advice is to ask around. Find out who uses the shop and what has been their experience. When dealing with any repair shop you have a right to know the cost of the repair up front before repairs begin. Make them put the estimate in writing. You also have a right to see the parts that were replaced on your vehicle. Fortunately there are many more honest shops then dishonest shops. Most repair

Sales Tires: Tips To Consider When Buying Tires
Safety is the first consideration in buying tires. The only contact between your vehicle and the road surface is your tires. Your brakes, your steering, and your suspension performance all depend on the right tires. Tires are coded with a alphanumeric imprint located on the sidewall. Be sure the tires you are buying match the tire code you are replacing. When selecting tires know what your needs are. Tread designs vary for different driving conditions. So match the tread with what fits your needs. If you live a wet snowy climate your tire needs will be different then in the hot dry areas. Tires should be replaced when tread depth measures 3/32 or less. When possible replace tires in sets of 4. This is very important with 4 wheel drive vehicles. If you can only afford 2 tires at a time be sure the new tires are put on the rear axle. This is true for both front and rear wheel drive vehicles. There are several options when it comes to where to buy tires. The car dealer usually sells the tires the vehicle came from. The retail tire stores offer a larger variety

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